Networking as a Service

Networking as a Service

Provides a complete outsourced IT Department for your business

Companies today need to focus their time and energy on building and managing their business. This means that in order to stay ahead of the competition, they cannot afford costly downtime caused by viruses, updates, slow/unreliable internet, and unstable Wifi.

Get Peace of Mind Today!

NVG Communication offers proactive, stress free Networking as a service. Our flat-rate services can give you peace of mind by reducing your costs, increasing productivity rate, and minimizing risk. We will find and solve your networking problems usually before you even know you have them. We provide full-service on-site and remote management and monitoring solutions.


We will assess your current setup.


We complete a full analysis of your business requirement, expectations and budget


We proactively monitor and optimize to prevent downtime from occurring.


We will make sure everything pertaining to your network security and reliability is handled appropriately.

Bandwidth Optimization

Increase Internet Speed and Performance
Maximize Voice over IP Quality-of-Service
Traffic Shaping for Hotspot and Multi-Tenant Environment
Eliminate Non-Business traffic in Office Space
Wifi Placement and Inspection

Enterprise Grade Security

Web Protection
Advanced Threat Protection
Ransomware Protection
Automatically Isolate Infections
Exposes Hidden Risks
Protection From the Latest Hacks and Attacks
Live Anti-Spam

Load Balancing/Resiliency

Backup Internet up to 99.999% uptime
Load Balance Multiple Internet Links for Better Speed

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