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Business Fiber Internet

From the most reliable Tier 1 networks in Canada. We offers Dedicated Fiber Internet Access, combining business grade, High Speed Internet connectivity with flexible, guaranteed bandwidth.

Run Internet and mission-critical applications simultaneously through different paths on the same access – without compromising speed and quality.

Once deployed, Dedicated Internet Access can help position your business for growth in today’s fast paced world. It helps improve the ability to operate important applications, easily share information and enable transactions with performance and flexibility.

Multiple Services, One Circuit

NVGCOM Ethernet Access circuit can deliver traffic requirements over a single access circuit, for reduced costs and network simplification. It significantly lowers the risk of security incidents or disruptive downtime.

Unlimited Usage

All Dedicated Access circuits come with Unlimited usage, so you will never be surprised by an overage charge, or need to manage usage.

IP Address Allocations

An IP address included. Additional IP addresses available upon request.

Maximize Your VoIP Network.

NVGCOM understands the criticality associated with voice communications & the need for peak performance at all times. As voice communications increasingly move onto the Internet & over converged access technologies.

Dedicated Bandwidth

Symmetrical service that is consistently fast and available, 24 hours a day.

Flexible Bandwidth

Ranging from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps, our pricing model allows for granular increases to a committed Ethernet Virtual Circuit (EVC) speed as traffic patterns dictate. By allowing for incremental increases in speed, customers can purchase only what is required and manage costs.

Improve Voice Connectivity and Productivity

  • Maximize Productivity: Guaranteed symmetrical access and high stability maximize mission-critical applications, such as Hosted PBX services.

  • Increase Flexibility: Increase your access speeds as your business expands and still deliver the best VoIP service possible.

  • Enhance Capabilities: Enhance your business practices with state-of-the-art (bandwidth intensive) applications like a Global Call Center.

  • Improve Stability: Fibre Optic Internet means no signal interference and little to none performance hit with symmetrical download and upload speeds.

Value-added Security

As leader in network-based threat detection, NVGCOM can keep your business safe with our comprehensive security and support solutions. NVGCOM Internet service offers add-on features designed to protect your business data and devices, giving you peace of mind.


We help local businesses succeed.

NVGCOM network offers a fully redundant core utilizing state-of-the-art technology. This ensures a secure core topology and decreases single points of failure.

Keep your business at peak performance

Variety of extensive add-on services – We are here to help find the best solution that fit your needs

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