Move your business at the speed of light
We're your comprehensive solution for business success. With our top-notch infrastructure, IT support, cybersecurity expertise, and hardware lifecycle management, we ensure your technology operates seamlessly. Let us take care of your technical headaches so you can drive your business forward confidently. With our holistic approach, you can focus on innovation while we safeguard your operations and equipment, ensuring your success every step of the way.
Unified Communication Solutions
Experience the perfect blend of advanced features and user-friendly simplicity, all while saving significantly. Our solution is driven by our Canada-based private cloud infrastructure and supported by our top-notch local team.
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Data Center Colocation
Secure, scalable, and reliable—our data center colocation services are designed to meet your most demanding infrastructure needs. With our secure, and flexible colocation options, we ensure your data is not only safe but also strategically positioned for optimal performance and maximized savings. Power your success with us.
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We focus on technology, so you can focus on your business.

Unlock Your Business’s Potential with NVG Communication.

We handle everything from consulting, system design, and equipment selection to seamless deployment, training, and support. Don’t settle for outdated providers or cloud services—our migration experts will get you back on track swiftly.

Experience the power of our one-stop digital communication solutions, with no long term contracts!

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Remote Support

NVG Communication's IT experts excel in remote management, enabling seamless access to your systems as if we were onsite. This lightning-fast capability ensures immediate service and support during critical moments and emergencies.

Cyber Security

Our team combines cutting-edge AI-powered technology with the expertise of our in-house cybersecurity specialists to proactively monitor and swiftly respond to any incidents. With real-time threat detection and rapid incident response, we ensure that your systems are protected against emerging threats. Trust NVG Communication Inc to safeguard your business with the most advanced cybersecurity solutions available today.

Data and Platform Migrations

We specialize in seamless data migration to and from various cloud providers and between different platforms. Our expertise ensures a smooth transition while minimizing disruptions and maximizing cost savings. By facilitating flexible data movement, we empower businesses to break free from the constraints of a single platform and explore new growth opportunities. With NVG Communication, you can embrace innovation with confidence, knowing that your data is in expert hands, ready to support your evolving needs and aspirations.

Unified Communication

Our innovative VoIP services seamlessly bridge the gap between remote work and office environments, offering flexibility without the burden of long-term contracts. Experience crystal-clear voice quality, advanced collaboration features, and scalability tailored to your needs. Embrace the freedom of modern communication with NVG, where flexibility meets reliability.

Managed Services

We provide managed services which offer clients practical, innovative, and flexible solutions for IT management, including servers, cloud environments, and network services. We enable you to focus on your core business activities while we expertly manage your tech world, ensuring reliability and efficiency in every aspect of your IT infrastructure.

Managed Backups

At NVG Communication Inc, we excel in managing file and infrastructure backups, along with email and cloud data, for secure offsite storage. Our comprehensive approach adds an extra layer of security, protecting against user errors and ransomware threats. By safeguarding your critical data offsite, we ensure business continuity and peace of mind. Count on NVG Communication to fortify your data protection strategy and mitigate risks effectively.

For Business Owners

Embrace confidence in the digital communication era with NVG Communication Inc. Our tailor-made solutions are designed with your existing equipment in mind, ensuring seamless integration and optimized performance. 

We meticulously inspect and eliminate unnecessary costs, helping you strategically plan and budget more effectively. With our support, you can cut the loss of non-profitable tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly drives your business forward. 

Trust us to deliver tangible results that propel your business into a successful future.

For Inhouse IT Staff

At NVG Communication Inc, our services are designed to make you a hero within your organization.

By partnering with us, you’ll benefit from IT solutions that are user-friendly, enabling you to focus on your strengths while we handle the heavy lifting.

We reduce your workload by doing it right the first time, taking the guesswork out of deployments, and making your vision our responsibility.

Let us empower you to shine and achieve success in your role.