Professional Services


Our consultations range from equipment recommendations to suggestions for a complete system design. We perform site evaluations to better understand your needs, from hardware to logical diagram to site layout.


After your consultation, we get to work engineering and designing a custom solution based on your needs. Depending on the project, we’ll provide you with a list of equipment, schematics, budget assessments and suggestions for a complete integration into your network and infrastructure.

Project Management

We assist and manage the entire development and implementation of a project. Though project lifecycle, resources, budget, schedule coordination and any issues that arise.


Our technicians install your equipment and infrastructure, verify and test system functionality and give your staff basic training.


Our specialists can program and implement the system with industry best practice, security and user integration in mind.


We can verify any installed system to make sure it fits your requirements and is functioning perfectly, whether it’s a new project or an existing installation.


We give your end users the training necessary to start, plan and customize settings without an administrator.